Trump still doesn’t appear to understand the difference between England and the UK

Trump still doesn’t appear to understand the difference between England and the UK

Donald Trump still doesn’t seem to understand that England and the UK are different.

When Trump was asked about his meeting with Boris Johnson at the G7 summit yesterday, the president revealed that he asked a bizarre question about UK geography.

He said:

You know I ask Boris, where’s England? What’s happening with England?

They don’t use it too much anymore. We talked about it – it was very interesting.

Trump’s idea of a “very interesting” conversation is clearly very different from everyone else’s.

For anyone who doesn't already know, England is one of four countries within the United Kingdom (with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and not just another word for the UK.

In fact, people from the other three countries in the UK get pretty annoyed when Americans assume England is the only one that matters.

This isn’t even the first time Trump's made this mistake, as he suggested that you could use “England” interchangeably with “Great Britain” or “the UK” at a rally in 2018.

The comment was just one of many ill-informed or straight-up false claims made by the president during the G7 press conference.

Highlights included:

  • Claiming first lady Melania Trump had "gotten to know Kim Jong-un", despite there being no evidence she has ever met the North Korean leader.
  • Claiming he knows "more about the environment than most", despite not believing the scientific consensus that climate change is caused by human activity.
  • Claiming China called to ask for a trade deal, despite a Chinese spokesperson saying the government was not aware of any calls.

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