Trump's huge firework display made the Washington Momument look utterly terrifying

Donald Trump's 'Salute to America' celebration on the 4th of July might not have been everything that the president would have hoped for.

Not only did it hammer down with rain but Trump also got his facts completely jumbled up after claiming that airports were in existence during the Revolution War of the 1770s.

However, he could at least say that the firework display that was put in Washington DC was pretty impressive.

There was one slight drawback however, with the fireworks and smoke juxtaposing to create a backdrop for the Washington Monumnent that was quite frankly terrifying, as evident by these pictures shared on Twitter by Matthew Gaydos.

As you can probably guess there were plenty of references to Lord of the Rings and other moments from pop culture history.

Oh yeah, and it did look a bit like a Klansman...

Although the display looked good on television it caused absolute havoc on the ground as people near the monument couldn't see the fireworks as they were too low in the ground but it also created a huge amount of smoke due to it not being ideal weather for such theatrics.

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