Trump had a bizarre reaction to a fly during a rally speech

Trump had a bizarre reaction to a fly during a rally speech

Donald Trump had a little trouble with a fly during a campaign rally speech in New Mexico on Monday evening, which he used as a bizarre reason to criticise his opponents in Washington DC.

The president was speaking to his supporters when towards the end of his routinely rambling speech became very distracted by what appeared to be a fly.

Trump tried to swat at the insect a couple of times but didn't appear to strike it, which led to a truly bizarre segue, which in no way seemed linked to the bug.

That's a nasty fly. I don't like those suckers. I don't know about you New Mexico but I don't like flies or mosquitos.

I don't like snakes too much either and we have plenty of those in New York and Washington, a different variety.

I don't like any kind of snake. I think I like the kind of ground better than the ones we have in Washington. 

Snakes? Flies? Mosquitos? What on Earth is he on about?

Regardless, the entire scene had a lot of people scratching their heads and mocking the commander in chief.


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