It’s been close to a month since Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden but the baseless conspiracy theories are still being yelled out loud by the president and Fox News is promoting many of these claims, something which CNN’s Brianna Keilar has had enough of.

In an absolutely scathing segment on the Newsroom show on Monday, the reporter laid into Fox News for constantly parroting and broadcasting the president’s wild and so far false claims about voter fraud.

Keilar highlighted a particular interview that Trump recently gave to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, who allowed the president to reel off an almost neverending stream of inaccurate statements about voter fraud without once correcting him.

Before she really begins his dissection of Trump and Fox News, Keilar uses a Peter Pan reference that really sums up part of the president’s current relationship with the conservative news network. She describes it as Trump’s “journey through Never-Never Land, held aloft by Tinkerbell TV.”

You can watch the full segment in the video below:

Although Keilar’s criticisms of this particular segment are valid, Fox has made an effort elsewhere to discredit some of the president’s claims about voter fraud leading to something of a schism between the two parties.

However, some of the networks' more notable commentators such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have tried to promote some of Trump’s allegations on air with very little evidence to go by. Ingraham conducted a bizarre interview with an anonymous figure who gave a very flimsy account of a piece of election fraud that they saw at a ballot station. Meanwhile, Carlson was forced to apologise on air after he falsely claimed a dead person had voted for Biden, while Hannity recently claimed that he doesn’t always check the information that he reads out on air. 

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