Trump slammed for doubling down on controversial comments about accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell

Last month, Donald Trump shocked the world when he wished accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell well.

The comment came about after prosecutors charged her with six federal crimes, including enticement of minors, sex trafficking, and perjury for lying under oath.

A regular person might condemn or want to distance themselves from someone who is charged with serious crimes like these, but not Trump.

He said at the time:

I haven’t been following it too much, I just wish her well, frankly… but I wish her well – whatever it is.

Trump was asked to clarify his remarks in a recent interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan.

The reporter asked why Trump would wish someone well who had been arrested over allegations of child sex trafficking, to which he responded:

First of all, I don't know that but I do know that her friend or boyfriend was either killed or committed suicide in jail.

She’s now in jail. Yeah, I wish her well. I’d wish you well – I’d wish a lot of people well. Good luck. Let them prove somebody is guilty.

Then Swan asked:

Oh so you’re hoping she doesn’t die in jail?

To which Trump repeated:

Her boyfriend died in jail and people are still trying to figure out how did it happen. Was it suicide? Was he killed? And I do wish her well. I’m not looking for anything bad for her. I’m not looking bad for anybody. They took that and they made it such a big deal… I do, I wish her well.

People took to social media to again, condemn Trump’s well wishes for the accused sex trafficker:

While others were surprised Trump said Jeffrey Epstein could have been killed while in jail. This is because the official cause of death was ruled a suicide.

Many people thought it was an odd point to try and make:

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is expected to take place on 12 July next year.

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