It can't be easy being Donald Trump. You can't drag yourself away from Twitter but you have to make major decisions on a daily basis, then you get very upset when people criticise those decisions.

At least for him, he has a devout set of supporters who agree with every word that he says and basically treat him as a god, which is virtually what happened when the president spoke to a group of evangelicals in Florida on Friday.

Speaking shortly after the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, Trump was greeted like a deity with members of the church appearing to pray to God to protect the president and praise all that he has done since being in office.

While those praying to God might have had their words heard by the Holy Spirit, they weren't exactly received well by God, or at least the person who runs the 'God' account on Twitter.

Quote retweeting a story on the prayers from The Hill, Twitter God denied that he was on the side of Trump and his supporters.

This wonderfully satirical tweet has since gone viral and people cannot get enough of it.

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