Loathe him or loathe him, Donald Trump is a fascinating creature.

The president does so many strange things that it’s almost difficult to focus on one. Perhaps it’s a tactic? Regardless, one of the oddest things about Trump is his hair.

No one has ever been able to understand it. Between his orange skin and his strange hairdo, people would probably rather know his beauty routine than see his tax returns.

The trademark do, which Jimmy Fallon proved really is attached to Trump’s head when he “petted” him on his talk show, is weird in every single way.

Trump is known for being a creature of habit, from his food choices to his clothes. So it’s no surprise he’s favoured the same strange hairdo for years.

Though speaking at a church in Virginia, the president – well, his hair – looked strikingly different.

Given that Trump’s hair is so iconic that in both American and British sign language, the name signs for Donald Trump reference the president’s hair, people really noticed.

The new flatter, slicked back do sent social media into overdrive.

H/T: TheGuardian

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