A video comparing a recent Donald Trump speech to another he gave in 2015 has people concerned about the president’s health.

At the White House Rose Garden yesterday, Trump seemed to be struggling to talk clearly as he formally launched a new military “space force”.

The speech had some people wondering if the president’s health is deteriorating, especially after Vox journalist Aaron Rupar edited part of the video with a clip from Trump’s 2015 campaign launch.

Trump has always been nonsensical and ridiculous but he used to be sharp at least – such as when he was dismantling his opponents in the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

And although yesterday’s Rose Garden speech was a particularly bad example, the president has appeared to become less clear and focused since taking office.

Some social media users were concerned that the video showed Trump is no longer fit enough to hold the most powerful office in the US.

And his low energy performance was pretty rich from someone who questioned Hillary Clinton’s physical health so harshly in 2016…

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