Trump confuses missile with toothbrush yet again while bragging about his achievements at latest rally
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At a campaign rally in New Hampshire, president Trump made an embarrassing mistake for the umpteenth time this week.

Speaking to a crowd, Trump bragged about the military’s “hydrosonic missiles”.

He said: "The hydrosonic missile, it goes seven times faster than a normal very fast missile."

Unfortunately for Trump, there's no such thing as a hydrosonic missile.

The 'Hydrosonic' is actually a brand of toothbrush. A hypersonic missile is, in fact, what he means.

Whereas a hypersonic missile can be used to attack an enemy at high speed, a toothbrush is used for brushing teeth,

The president has, repeatedly, confused the two vastly different objects.

In fact, he's confused them more than four times in just the last weekend.

Nobody seems to have corrected the president.

In the past, when not messing up the name of the missiles, Trump has also referred to the missiles as "super-dupers".

This string of mistakes comes at a time when the Trump campaign is eagerly trying to paint 'Sleepy Joe' as the confused candidate.

But Joe Biden is yet to confuse a missile with a toothbrush.

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