Eric Trump roasted after calling the impeachment hearing 'boring'

Eric Trump roasted after calling the impeachment hearing 'boring'

The Republican Party has tried all manner of strategies to discredit the House impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump since it was announced in September.

While the president himself has insisted the investigation into his "perfect" 25 July call with Volodymr Zelensky is just another "witch hunt", loyalist congressmen like Matt Gaetz, Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan have tried storming the secure basement facility where the original witness depositions were heard to protest the Democrats' alleged lack of transparency, even ordering in takeaway pizza during their five-hour sit-in.

They've tried denouncing the "Soviet-style" investigation into presidential wrongdoing from the floor of the House of Representatives and appeared regularly on Fox News to attack the whistleblower, with Kentucky senator Rand Paul calling for their unmasking with little apparent concern for the mystery individual's personal safety.

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham has even argued that the administration is too dumb (!) to have orchestrated anything so sinister as a quid pro quo to strong-arm Ukraine into investigating Joe and Hunter Biden in exchange for valuable military aid.

Their latest tactic, now that the public phase of the inquiry is finally underway, is to complain that the proceedings are "boring".

That last tweet by Eric Trump invited particular ridicule while acting Ukraine ambassador Bill Taylor and State Department expert George Kent were taking questions from the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

If he thinks he's bored now, wait until he gets a copy of his brother's new book Triggered for Christmas.

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