Trump impeachment lawyer David Schoen interviewed on Fox News
Trump impeachment lawyer David Schoen interviewed on Fox News
Fox News/YouTube

A lawyer from Trump’s defence team has been mocked online for stating that “words are what make up” the United States’ constitution.

David Schoen’s comment came ahead of a Senate vote over whether an impeachment trial for the ex-president could continue.

Politicians later voted 56-44 for the case to proceed.

Happy Days actor Henry Winkler was amongst those to criticise the lawyer’s comments on Twitter, posting a sarcastic response on Twitter. 

“Thank you! HOW did that slip by me,” he said.

Another account joked: “Potatoes are what makes mashed potatoes.”

As well as mocking the “obvious” statement from Schoen, others remarked on the level of expertise shown by the lawyer.

One user commented: “I thought about going to law school when I was younger. I worried that I wasn’t smart enough.

“I don’t think I should have worried about that.”

“Imagine holding the most powerful office in the world a month ago and these are the only lawyers that’ll defend you,” said another. 

The comment also surprised CNN news reporters covering the historic event:

This news could be huge, if true.

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