People are pointing out a very obvious problem with Trump's inauguration crowd

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You may have heard that today was Donald Trump's presidential inauguration. What fun, eh?

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty Images / Mark Ralston

Yes, it might be raining, but people are having a good time and celebrating democracy.

Picture:Picture: AFP/ Getty Images / Mark Ralston 

As the cameras pan over the democracy fans though, something becomes increasingly apparent.

It would appear from pictures and footage of the event, that the crowd is overwhelmingly white.

A number of people pointed this out on Twitter:

Like, a lot of people are noticing it.

And it would appear like they have a point.

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Picture:Picture: Getty Images

Trump's newly appointed cabinet is also made of mainly of white men, while America's non-white population is around 37 per cent.

The newly sworn in president only won eight per cent of the black vote in the election, compared to 58 per cent of the white vote.

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