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Fox Business host and devout Trump supporter Lou Dobbs has taken an unprecedented swipe at John Bolton, Trump's former national security adviser after there were revelations about the president in his new book.

Reports from the as yet unpublished book from Bolton claim that Trump withheld military funds from Ukraine as part of the investigation into the Bidens that he had requested.

This is likely to become a key part of the impeachment trial and this news has got Dobbs and other Republicans all hot under the collar.

In an eye-opening piece on the story, Dobbs labelled Bolton a 'rino' (Republican in name only) and a tool for the 'radical Dems'

Dobbs pointed out Bolton's connections to Mitt Romney, one of the few moderate critics of Trump from the Republican party and claimed that some of his supporters are 'never Trumpers.'

Bolton’s super PACs, by the way, we should point out, have more than $2 million in cash on hand. 

His major donors are Romney supporters and, well, many of the never Trumpers.

John Bolton himself has been reduced to a tool for the radical Dems and the deep state with his allegation.

Dobbs also went to great lengths to illustrate Bolton's supposed connections to James Comey, the former FBI director that was fired by Trump in 2017, because the company that has published his book, Javelin, have also published books by Comey and the anonymous op-ed writer, supposedly written by a member of Trump's staff.

In another strange moment, Dobbs also hit out at Robert Mercer, a major funder of the pro-Trump news website Breitbart, for once donating money to Bolton.

Dobbs also launched an attack on Bolton on Twitter, posting a tweet on Monday evening that could best be described as nonsensical.

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