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By now you don't need us to tell you that Donald Trump Jr isn't the sharpest tool in the Trump household, which is saying a lot.

However, even he must have thought his latest scheme, a tweet to shame New York City's mayor and presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio was foolproof.

De Blasio became the latest Democrat to enter his name into the race for the 2020 presidential election on Friday and the Trumps have already been doing their best to discredit him.

In a video posted on Twitter, the president called him the 'worst mayor in the history of New York' and Trump Jr tried to follow suit by sharing footage of apparently a New York street where the sidewalk was littered with rubbish.

Trump Jr told him that 'rather than pulling a PR stunt,' de Blasio should concentrate on 'cleaning up his own backyard first.'

Trump Jr didn't specify where the video had come from or why there was so much rubbish on that particular street but it soon emerged that it wasn't rubbish at all but sleeping bags and blankets that belonged to fans of the world famous K-pop group BTS who had been camping out ahead of the band's concert in Central Park.

Trump's notifications were soon inundated with people telling him the truth and inadvertently embarrassing the 41-year-old's shallow dig at de Blasio.

To make matters worse for Trump Jr, the BTS fans actually went back as soon as the concert was over and cleaned up the rubbish themselves.

There is even a sign in Trump Jr's video advertising the concert...

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