Trump Jr makes bizarre joke about Hillary Clinton poisoning Jeffrey Epstein in response to president's disinfectant claims

Trump Jr makes bizarre joke about Hillary Clinton poisoning Jeffrey Epstein in response to president's disinfectant claims

You'd think that if your dad – aka the "leader of the free world" – was making completely bizarre and potentially dangerous suggestions about what may or may not cure coronavirus, you'd try to keep as far out of it as possible.

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump Jr disagrees.

After the president started claiming injecting disinfectant could help cure coronavirus, a number of people (including bleach manufacturers) spoke out about the dangers of doing such a thing. It got to the point where even norotiously shameless Trump Sr seemed to walk back his ridiculous comments, saying they were "sarcastic", to "see what would happen".

But there are people taking his comments seriously, which could be incredibly dangerous – ingesting any kind of household cleaning chemical could be fatal.

One person who wanted to warn against the potential risk is Trump's 2016 presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

Clinton tweeted pleading with Americans to not "poison themselves" because of Trump's claims.

And who decided to respond to a public health point with a snide, conspiracy-peddling, potentially libellous remark? Trump Jr of course!

Instead of using his platform to reiterate the dangers of such a practice, he decided to use it to accuse Clinton of murder in what appears to be an attempt at a joke.

After convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide in August 2019, conspiracy theories began circulating that he had been murdered, with one of the claims being that the Clintons had him killed in order to further their (nonexistant) political careers.

Epstein is well known to have been friendly with the Clintons (and with Donald Trump for that matter) back in the 1990s. This, along with the fact that there have been independent allegations of sexual assault against Bill Clinton, fuelled an internet conspiracy theory that the Clintons were somehow responsible for his death. Despite there being zero evidence and copious debunkings of these allegations, they continue to be peddled, mostly by far-right commentators.

Among the thousands of replies, were many who pointed out that there is arguably much more evidence connecting President Trump to any potential foul play in Epstein's death that there is the Clintons.

It's not unusual for Trump Jr to clumsily try to fight his father's battles on Twitter, but this really does take it to a whole new level of tasteless.

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