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As the 2020 presidential election grows closer, Donald Trump is very keen on Americans not being able to vote by mail.

This is down to a completely unfounded belief that somehow election fraud can be committed by mail ballots, and his press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is in full support of the president on this matter.

On Tuesday the 32-year-old doubled down on her support of this move by the president sharing an extensive thread on Twitter which came after the president was fact-checked by the website over his claims.

Last week she also defended the president who has to vote by mail in the next election as his state of residence is currently Florida but he obviously resides in the White House in Washington DC.

She said:

[Trump is the commander-in-chief] which means he’s here in Washington. He’s unable to cast his vote down in Florida, his state of residence.

However, reporting from the Tampa Bay Times reveals that McEnany has been more than happy to vote by mail in the past. In fact, since 2010, the Florida native has voted 11 times by mail.

McEnany has not directly responded to the accusations but she did post a series of tweets on Wednesday which appeared to allude to the story and explained what 'absentee votes' are.

Awkwardly for McEnany, Florida does not currently have an absentee votes system. Anyone in the state can vote by mail regardless of their situation.

Voting by mail has been widely discussed and supported by Democrats and some Republicans for the next election as an alternative to voting stations would could still be unsafe if the coronavirus pandemic is still a problem come November. However, Trump does not support this as he believes this method gives the Democrats an unfair advantage.

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