We all know that Donald Trump isn't exactly the stable genius that he makes out to be but his grasp of the human anatomy doesn't even appear to be at a GCSE standard.

On Wednesday the president signed an executive order on kidney health care across the United States. The incentive will aim to encourage more in-home dialysis and more kidney donations with the overall aim of preventing kidney disease in the first place.

That all sounds well and good but during his speech announcing the order, Trump attempted to display some of his understanding of the human body and it's inner workings but failed miserably.

You’ve worked so hard on the kidney. Very special.

The kidney has a very special place in the heart. It’s an incredible thing

Yes, that's something that the president actually said. You hardly need me to tell you but the kidney is not part of the heart at all. In fact, it's nowhere near it.

Last time we checked (and it's been a while since this writer was in a biology class) but the kidneys are situated in the lower back and there are two of them so we can only conclude that Trump doesn't know where some of the body's vital organs are.

As you can imagine, the president's latest mishap inspired a lot of tweets.

Weirdly Stephen King tweeted this just a few days ago and it feels strangely prophetic.

It should be noted that Trump most likely misspoke and was probably trying to say that 'the kidney has a very special place in my heart' which is still admittedly a very weird thing to say but would kinda make sense.

Anyhow, please stop confusing body organs, Mr President, we can't handle it.

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