Donald Trump just made history by becoming the first sitting US president to enter into North Korean territory and the internet has gone into a frenzy.

Videos of the president stepping onto North Korean soil and walking to shake hands with Kim Jong-un have been making waves everywhere as Trump met with North Korea's supreme leader on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters, Trump called the meeting "historic", adding:

Stepping across that line is a great honour, great progress has been made, great friendships have been made and this has been, in particular, a great friendship.

The last-minute meeting came after Trump tweeted an invitation to Kim on Saturday, asking for a quick meeting, just to "shake his hand and say hello".

The two controversial leaders also met with South Korean president Moon Jae-in, who crossed the south side of the border for his first trilateral meeting with them. Jae-in remained very optimistic telling reporters,

I think meeting here, two countries that have a hostile past, we are showcasing to the world that we have a new present and we have a positive meeting going forward

But many people didn't really know what to think, as Twitter was flooded with their mixed opinions. While many praised the "historic" moment, others blasted what they called the ultimate "PR stunt".

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