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A wall consisting of 20,000 lies told by president Trump is now on display in New York City.

The piece of art, by Phil Buehler and Tom Tenney, is called ‘Wall of Lies’ and looks like a mosaic of post-it notes.

It spans across a 100-foot-long section of fence and has all of Trump’s lies colour-coded by subject.

The lies and falsehoods on display are from the Washington Post’s fact-checkers, who claim that Trump makes an average of 23 misleading claims a day.

This art exhibit is currently on display in Soho, having previously been displayed in Brooklyn.

The old display was defaced with pro-Trump slogans. Vandals covered it with graffitied slogans, such as ‘vote Trump or die’.

The defaced wall, installed by Radio Free Brooklyn, remains intact.

The new wall, which is twice as long, was brought to life thanks to fundraising efforts.

Over $4000 was raised to install the new Wall of Lies.

With 23 new lies every day, on average, we hope they have room to expand.

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