Trump supporters are calling opposition towards them ‘MAGAphobia’

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Donald Trump supporters have coined a new phrase to describe what they consider to be discrimination against them – “MAGAphobia.”

Yes, really.

The phrase comes as the US president continues to characterise himself as persecuted, often calling media treatment against him and his supporters “unfair” and framing himself as a victim.

His supporters have picked up that narrative, too.

Right-wing political pundit Jack Posobiec took to Twitter to share with his almost half a million followers, “signs” that MAGA-wearing folks should watch out for.

Here they are:

#Magaphobia: Know The Signs

- Red hats send you into fits of rage

- Suspecting your neighbours of being KGB agents

- Screaming "traitor" at the TV

- Suspecting midwestern kids of being cryptonazis

- Using your Oscar speech to spread hate

Posobiec later invited people to share times when they've faced MAGAphobia and the comments section got a little...comedic (and sarcastic)

There are even subreddits dedicated to sharing instances of so-called “MAGAphobia.'

A few things.

A recent report released in the US shows a continued rise of hate groups in the country in tandem with an increase of racially motivated hate attacks under Donald Trump. According to an annual report released by the Poverty Law Centre, the number of active hate groups in the US, which includes white supremacists, neo-Nazis and neo-Confederates, rose to the highest level in two decades last year.

Heidi Beirich, director of the law centre’s Intelligence Project attributed this to Trump's presidency, and toldAssociated Press:

This time period dovetails with (Donald) Trump’s campaign and then his presidency, a period that has seen a 30 percent increase in the number of these groups.

In the three years prior to that, during the waning years of (Barack Obama’s) presidency, hate groups were actually on the decline.

A wealth of incidents against minorities in America have led many to see the MAGA hats, which represent America’s ambiguous phrase, ‘Make America Great Again’ (confusing because it doesn’t say when America was great – during its infamous era of slavery? During Jim Crow in the 1960s?) as racist.

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