Trump attended a MAGA-themed wedding and this news anchor had the best response


A news anchor is getting praise for the way she swerved an attempt to get her to praise Donald Trump after he attended a MAGA-themed wedding in New Jersey.

Cheryl Wills and co-anchor Anthony Pascale were covering the wedding during Monday night’s NY1 Live At Ten on New York City’s Spectrum News NY1.

Pascale narrated the wedding, in which Trump made a surprise appearance at his New Jersey gold club.

The couple had proudly described themselves as “Trump supporters” and had told Fox News that they sent Trump a wedding invitation in the hopes that he would make the ceremony.

The Daily Show captured the moment Pascale turned to Wills and told her, "You have to say, that was pretty cool that he stopped by."

Instead of finding the event “pretty cool” or even acknowledging what her co-anchor said, Wills went straight into the next segment of the news.

“Now to the latest on the international tug-of-war over rapper A$AP Rocky...” Wills said in the clip.

That subtle burn left skid marks.

People online have interpreted her actions as a dig at Trump, and they approve.

This is how you use the word "anyway..."

"I love her."


It was wonderfully awkward.

And Wills is being praised for being professional.

It was a great and subtle takedown.

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