10 of the most British reactions to the heatwave

10 of the most British reactions to the heatwave

Britain is expected to set a new record for its hottest ever day as temperatures climb to a scorching 39C.

According to the Met Office, there is a 60 per cent chance the mercury could rise above the current all-time high of 38.5C later today.

Phew, that’s hot, especially for Brits wholly unused to such warm weather.

And as people sweat their way to work, commuting on packed, boiling trains, they’ve had some rather British responses to the weather.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. Some good old British passive aggression.

2. We are not built for this weather! (Well, some of us aren't...)

3. Others are combining two British things: Cool weather and Ovie from Love Island.

4. One British man has foregone a tie to work.


5. People send their sympathies to workers at one of the Great British Institutions... Greggs.

6. Others are very much of the "can you not, weather?" variety.

7. "This heat is butters in London."

8. There's good old sarcasm.

9. City-dwellers are trying to find bodies of water to cool down in.

10. And finally, the seeming collapse of the British transport system, one cancelled train at a time.

Travellers are being advised on where to find free drinking water and about ticket restrictions being lifted for today.

Transport for London said: "Londoners can access free drinking water from more than 2,500 cafes, shops and businesses offering free tap water through the Refill London scheme, with participating outlets putting easily identifiable Refill stickers in their windows."

Southern, Gatwick Express, Thameslink and Great Northern have advised: "Ticket restrictions will be lifted for off peak ticket holders during the morning and afternoon peak, allowing you to use peak services during this time."

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