Trump is getting so desperate that he just promised to send someone to Mars if he wins the election

Trump is getting so desperate that he just promised to send someone to Mars if he wins the election
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Trump has been making some truly bizarre statements – the most recent of which included promising to send someone to planet Mars if he wins the election in November.

He made the comment during another one of his airplane rallies as part of his campaign tour – this time in Freeland, Michigan.

Michigan is just one of the stops on his campaign tour ahead of the 2020 election, and Trump has taken to a particular kind of rally – where he lands his private plane, makes a speech to a rally of thousands of people (often not wearing masks or social distancing) – very quickly.

He even said a couple of weeks ago that he prefers this kind of rally to the traditional stadium style.

In the middle of his rant, Trump said,

“America will land the first woman on the moon, and the US will be the first nation to land an astronaut on Mars.”

This kind of nonsensical ranting is pretty par for the course as far as Trump is concerned – every rally tends to turn into a vague stream of consciousness speech about whatever Trump is thinking about that day.

During the remarks, he also lied about the Covid-19 pandemic, saying

"You see how good we are doing relative to other countries and other parts of the world, but the fake news does not like saying that."

He also made several comments about Big Ten football, which is college football that has yet to announce a return date. Trump has been making several comments about it – and has repeatedly said he wants it to come back even though it would be a disaster for the spread of Covid-19.

He also made other nonsensical comments, including,

“It’s a resident of Antifa,” implying that Antifa was a place, instead of an anti-Facist movement.

He said that he had won a Michigan Man of the Year award, which doesn’t appear to exist, and bragged about being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

About an hour into the rally, Trump’s nonsensical rants were starting to put people off – even the cheers and chants that had marked the beginning of the rally were beginning to taper off.

Lucky for him – he gets to do the whole thing over again in another city.

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