Donald Trump's niece, Mary, has predicted that Trump will not make things easy should he lose the upcoming election to Joe Biden.

The president is currently trailing Biden in the polls and in key swing states and there are concerns that Trump will not make the transition period easy should he lose, admitting that it would be "unbelievable and disgusting."

Mary Trump, who hit headlines earlier this year for writing a tell-all book about her uncle, believes that the president will make things as difficult as possible as "losing is not an acceptable thing in my family."

Talking to Don Lemon on CNN, she said:

He's not going to take it well. Losing is not an acceptable thing in my family. My grandfather set his business and his family up as a zero-sum game and that meant only one person could win and everybody else needed to lose.

In order to win, Donald was trained to do everything it took, whether it’s lying, cheating or stealing. On the one hand, we are in for a rough ride and on the other hand, he's in for a rough ride if indeed vice president Biden wins.

Lemon then asks Trump an interesting question, in that if she's even seen the president acting in the manner that he is right now. She reveals 'no' and adds:

I don't believe that's because he is worse, I think the only thing that has changed is the context. When I knew Donald, pretty much something always broke his way. There was always somebody there to clean up his mess. There was always somebody there to hand him hundreds of millions of dollars to bail him out. He is in a completely different universe right now where nobody is left to help him with the jams that he keeps getting himself into. I think that's the pressure he is feeling.

Lemon then moved on to the unusual moment from Trump's rally in Iowa on Wednesday where he pleaded with suburban women to like him. Mary believes this was an "uncharacteristic sign of weakness" from the POTUS but that he is unlikely to win people over like this by using "misogyny and racism."

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