Awkward moments between Donald and Melania Trump are not uncommon, but Thursday's debate saw an interaction between the couple that was so odd people don't know what to make of it.

At the end of the final debate between the president and Joe Biden, both of their respective partners made their way on to the stage. While everything seemed rosy between the Bidens, there was a strange moment with the Trump's when Melania appeared to quickly rip her hand away from her husband.

Eagle-eyed viewers on social media were quick to notice this and soon enough footage of the incident was all over Twitter, with many claiming that the first lady had hastily snatched her hand away from the POTUS.

Others weren't too sure and believed that it was actually Trump who had pushed her hand away.

Or maybe both things happened?

People seem to enjoy the supposed narrative that Melania isn't as enamoured with her husband as she would like us to think, but sometimes things aren't as clear cut and obvious as everyone would like to make out.

The first lady has been away from the campaign trail this election and has recently overcome a Covid-19 diagnosis, just like her husband. That being said, Trump was the only person on the stage not wearing a mask at the end, with Melania and the Bidens all wearing face coverings.

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