Trump tweets bizarre Christmas outburst about Melania not being on enough magazine covers

<p>Donald and Melania Trump</p>

Donald and Melania Trump

The White House

Christmas is traditionally a time to chill out – family feuds and unfortunate cooking debacles notwithstanding.

This year though, as a global pandemic rages on, most people will have had more on their minds than usual.

In the US, thousands of Christmases will have been marred by financial instability, as the president has yet to sign the Covid relief package which would include a stimulus check for millions of Americans struggling due to the pandemic.

Others faced spending Christmas alone or away from their families due to social distancing restrictions which remain in place as the US faces a total of 18 million recorded cases of Covid-19 and 330,000 deaths.

And to top it all off, early on Christmas morning an explosion ripped through downtown Nashville, in what authorities believe was an intentional act.

Meanwhile, Trump and his allies continue to spread baseless allegations of voter fraud in order to discredit Biden’s November win, leading many to fear a less-than-smooth transition of power come January.

All in all, a lot to worry about during the festive season. Yet the president, it seems, had other things on his mind. Namely, being angry at his wife’s lack of appearance on the cover of magazines. Yes, really.

Sandwiched in between furious tweets about  his fellow Republicans and those praising sycophants was a retweet of none other than Breitbart News, bemoaning the “elitist snobs in the fashion press” who have apparently “kept [Melania Trump] off the covers of their magazines".

Trump’s response is a little confusing. He begins by saying “greatest of all time”, which may be a reference to Melania’s tenure as First Lady, or to Breitbart as a news platform. He then adds “Fake News!” which is presumably in relation to the “fashion magazines” and not Breitbart but who’s to say really.

People were quick to suggest that if the POTUS wanted something to concern himself with on Christmas Day, there were perhaps other more pressing matters.

Melania Trump, who is a former model, has in fact appeared on the cover ofVoguealthough it was following her marriage to Donald before she was First Lady. 

Michelle Obama, however, was reportedly on 12 different magazine covers during her eight years as First Lady. 

However, Melania’s fashion choices haven’t always gone down well. Her now-infamous “I really don’t care do U?” jacket sparked outrage as she was spotted wearing it on a visit to a child migrant detention centre just as Trump’s controversial child separation policy was being widely slammed.

Even now, the shoes featured in the Breitbart article, which praised the outfit worn by Melania as she left Washington to head to Mar-a-Lago for the holidays, didn’t go down well either. The Louboutin boots reportedly cost $2,195 – a figure ironically close to the $2,000 stimulus checks Trump seems so keen on, but which are holding up the Covid relief bill.

All in all people had very little sympathy for the president’s bemoaning of his wife’s lack of magazine covers, given there seems to be quite a lot of other issues to worry about in the country.

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