29 of the most unbelievable things that Trump said at his Florida rally

29 of the most unbelievable things that Trump said at his Florida rally

President Trump held another campaign rally on Thursday speaking to supporters in Tampa, Florida and this time he brought Melania along.

In one of her few appearances on the election trail this year, Melania spoke for around 10 minutes championing her husband before he took over and spoke for another 80 minutes.

The speech covered the usual rhetoric from the Trump's that we are all used to by now so lets see what they had to say to their supporters this time.

Melania actually kicked things off and within a few minutes had already given a new definition to the word 'irony' when she rallied against 'hate, negativity, and fear.'

Melania boasts that her husband didn't talk about the peace deals that he struck in the Middle East, which he definitely did.

Under my husband’s leadership, our nation is respected again, our borders are safer, we have won wars, and we have stayed out of new conflicts.

We have made historic peace deals in the Middle East. We didn’t just talk about it, we moved our embassy to Jerusalem. 

Melania rounded off her very short speech by telling a crowded rally, where there was little evidence of face masks and social distancing that the president is 'focused on destroying the virus.'

On the day that the US hit a record of more than 87,000 cases of coronavirus in a single day, Trump brags about never putting the country into lockdown again.

Trump laments the Democrats; calls Joe Biden the 'worst candidate in history,' uses the racist 'Pocahontas' slur when referring to Elizabeth Warren and claims that the support base would have been 'more energetic' if Bernie Sanders had won the candidacy.

Now, do you believe what I’m running against? I’m running against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics. I don’t care. Win, lose, or draw. This is the worst candidate in the history. He shouldn’t be there. Because Pocahontas kept going instead of getting out. Then it would have been against Bernie, which would have been fine too. You know what? You would have had a more energetic base if we had Bernie. That’s one thing. Because I don’t know if they have a base.

Trump continues to mock Biden and claims that Hunter Biden is in the crowd, which prompts a 'where is Hunter?' chant from the crowd.

Trump calls Miles Taylor, the former Trump staffer who wrote an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times against Trump in 2018, 'scum' and calls for him to be 'prosecuted.'

Trump claims that Biden won't use the racist 'China virus' term when talking about Covid-19 because 'China has paid him off' but fails to provide any evidence.

The president mocks lawyer and former Congressman Adam Schiff and says that he has a 'watermelon head.'

Trump tries to tell a story about Joe Biden forgetting someone's name but gets completely sidetrack and goes off on a wild tangent.

That was the guy that Sleepy Joe Biden he couldn’t remember his name. Remember he said the guy from… The guy from, isn’t he the governor from that place? Utah. Utah. I don’t know his name. I can’t remember his name. It was Romney. No, Sleepy Joe’s a little bit off. Let’s face it, Sleepy Joe is shot. And I’m not a fan of his, and he’s not a nice guy. If he was a nice guy I couldn’t say these things. He’s not a nice guy. Now he doesn’t remember whether or not he used to be a nice guy. He was never considered smart. He was a touchy feely guy. You know those guys? Touchy feely. But not a nice guy. Not a smart guy. Our incredible First Lady is sitting here right now, and she’s saying to herself, 'I wonder if all rallies are like this.' No, most of them are a little bit different, but that’s okay.

Trump tells a fake story about Joe Biden not knowing where Philadelphia is which whips the crowd up into a frenzy.

Trump claims that he is going to win the state of Minnesota and attacks Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar which prompts jeers from the crowd.

Trump touches on the vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence and seems to have had a very different reading of it from most.

How about her? How about her? I’ll tell you what, when our great vice president Mike Pence debated her, it was a total… You know the expression, if it were a fight, they would have ended it.

Within two days they were saying, the fake news, “She did magnificently well against Mike Pence.” No, no. No. That’s what happens. You do great, great, great. Two days later, you realize they have it down that you lost now. 

The president brags that he is now getting bigger crowds than Ronald Reagan ever achieved during his time as president.

I’m feeling a little… It’s amazing. It’s amazing. And I say it all the time, because we’ve liked Ronald Reagan, we’ve liked a lot of… Mostly they’re stiffs. Mostly. Generally speaking, they don’t do the job. Right? But we’ve had good ones like Ronald Reagan. He’s the one I think about. But nobody ever chanted… First of all, he’d never get a crowd like this. He’d have two or 300 people, they’d be in a ballroom. That was like the norm. You got to see yesterday. We had 35, 40,000 people.

A worrying moment occurs when Trump is criticising China for allowing the spread of coronavirus which prompts the crowd to yell 'make them pay.'

Trump doesn't appear to know the current Covid-19 death toll in the United States.

A bizarre moment happens around 40 minutes into the speech when a water cannon goes off. Trump is confused as to whether they are 'friend or foe?' before adding 'let’s take care of those sons of bitches.' He then starts to laugh when he realises the water is hitting the press in attendance.

Trump complains about the first presidential debate, which is more than a couple of weeks old by now.

I asked Sleepy Joe at the debate, I said, 'Joe, name one law enforcement agency, just one, in the whole country that endorsed you.' He couldn’t do it. Remember? Then Chris Wallace saved him. I had two people. I was going against Chris Wallace and him. Chris was much tougher. Actually, Chris was tougher than Joe. And then I said, 'Joe, say the words law and order.' No. 'Say the words law and honor, Joe. Say them.' And then Chris Wallace, 'He doesn’t have to do that.' Oh, okay, Chris. Thanks. No, I like Chris’s father a lot better than I like him.

Trump claims that Biden's plan will delay the release of the vaccine and complains that some states are still under lockdown measures.

Speaking of coronavirus, Trump says: "If I can get better, anybody can get better. And I got better fast."

Trump repeatedly calls out the name of a member of the Secret Service, which would appear to defy the meaning of 'Secret Service.'

Trump refers to his highly controversial drive-by at the Walter Reed hospital when he had coronavirus, as a 'love-fest.'

We drove in front of those people, and we waved, and the people were so happy. It was incredible. It was. It was a love fest. They were so happy. And I got back and they were saying, “What a terrible thing to do.” No. We got to take care of our people, right? We got to stay with our people, including Secret Service, who does an incredible job.

Trump states the obvious when he says that he's 'not a typical Washington politician' and 'doesn't play by the rules.'

I don’t sound like a typical Washington politician, it’s because I’m not a politician. And I don’t always play by the rules of Washington and the Washington establishment. It’s because I was elected to fight for you, and I have fought for you harder than any president has ever fought for the people they love. Never.

Trump again complains about the press asking Joe Biden what flavour ice cream he is eating.

And then they don’t ask him questions. Or how about the question they asked him the other day? He’s walking out with ice cream. “Sir, what flavor ice cream is it?” “I don’t know. It’s vanilla, I think.” Then they asked him a real question, he ran into the car, went back to the basement.

Trump calls Germany 'very delinquent' over their payments to NATO.

And when they come out and they say they like Barack Hussein Obama much more than they like Trump, that means I’m doing my job. You see, Germany said it the other day, and I have roots in Germany. But Germany said it the other day, they like Barack Hussein Obama. And they should, because Germany is delinquent in their NATO payments. Very delinquent.

The White House press secretary arrives on stage and laments Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for censoring Trump on the website and not Biden.

Joe Biden censored zero times notably. No, because we’re taking our message directly to the American people. We’ll be making five rally stops a day. Five. Thousands show up. Literally we had 25,000 people show up in Omaha. These are historic crowds. The President takes his message directly to the American people, and shame on Jack Dorsey.

Trump returns to the stage and begins rambling about the border wall and claims that only 'walls and wheels work.'

They were willing to close up the country over the wall. So I had a party, totally strong party, bad politics, but strong party. Bad policy, but they didn’t want a wall. But I made a really terrible mistake. I should have said instead of we will build a wall, I should have said, 'We will not build a wall,' and they would have given me all the money. They would’ve said, “We demand that you build it immediately.' But then they said, 'Walls don’t work.' And I said, 'No walls work and wheels work. Those are the two things that work.' Everything else gets obsolete in about 15 minutes after it’s discovered.

Towards the end of Trump's speech a woman standing behind him holds up pictures of Nancy Pelosi and several other Democrats and tears them to shreds.

Trump closes out his speech by asking any religious people in attendance to pray that the US never has to use their nuclear armory.

And our nuclear stockpile, we are in a position like no other country in the world. We are the envy of every country, Russia, China, North Korea. No country in the world has what we have. And just a lot of religious people in this audience, pray to God that we never have to use it. And it’s more likely that we won’t have to use it now that we have it, but just hope that we never have to use it.

On that note, another chaotic Trump rally was brought to an end.

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