Donald and Melania Trump have, possibly one of the most unusual relationships that we've ever seen between a president and a first lady.

It would often seem at times that the couple just don't like each other very much and can be at loggerheads when it comes to certain issues.

This brings us to Trump's recent actions against his own people, who have been protesting the death of George Floyd which has led to riots and widespread reports of police brutality across the nation.

After delivering a speech on Monday, where he threatened to deploy the military against protestors, the president walked across the street from the White House and posed for a photo op outside a nearby church. This was after he had the protestors near the White House hit with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Trump again ventured outside of the White House on Tuesday, this time taking a short trip across town to the Saint John Paul II Shrine at the Catholic University of America, a place of prayer for Catholics but also welcomes people of all faiths. Although this was nothing more than another photo op for the president and a chance to smile and act like everything is ok, his other half was not playing up to the cameras.

In an awkward moment, the president appears to ask Melania to smile but she can only muster a tiny grin before recoiling in a grimace, probably being reminded of what her husband had done only 24 hours before.

Footage of this small moment soon went viral with people unsure whether to read too much into the first lady's 'smile'.

Although she has remained silent though out Trump's presidency, you just know that at some point in the future she will spill the beans and what a day that will be.

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