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The NATO summit kicked off Wednesday and people around the globe watched the World Leaders gather to discuss international security.

But more importantly, people we're interested in how the interpersonal relationships were going between them all.

In what can only be likened to a World Leaders' edition of Big Brother, the interactions, or sometimes lack thereof, between the leaders are akin to a riveting drama that rivals the likes of Eastenders.

It's like seeing your favourite fandoms in the same place and according to some body language experts, one photo of Trump at the NATO summit speaks volumes of how the meeting was going.

Body language expert Patti Wood told Bustle:

What I think is interesting is that it sort of captured how the world sees him (Trump).

Wood was referring to a viral photo which showed Trump surrounded by NATO heads of government.

All are looking in one direction, while Trump is looking in the total opposite direction to them, seemingly grimacing and baring his teeth skyward.

Before you go reading too much into one photo, Wood makes a point of remembering that since it's a posed group shot only the people who were actually present could know what happened moments before the photo was taken.

"I think it’s captivating because it can become iconic of the way the world is thinking of him right now," Wood says. "He’s not looking in the same direction. And so whatever the cause, he’s not unified with the rest of the people."

While the picture may look like a 'spot the odd one out' interactive game, it's blindingly obvious that odd one is Trump - the reality television star turned President of the United States - whom is often found to be acting decidedly un-presidential.

The way he's posed with world leaders suggested that the meeting wasn't exactly the most productive and Woods does think it's emblematic:

The majority of them are looking the same direction. What’s striking is that he’s not only looking in a different direction, he’s looking up. It could be somebody calling his name, but it creates the visual that seems to match up with our perception.

Another body language expert, Yana German, agreed:

When observing president Trump's body language, my first initial reaction is one of a man who simply lives in his own world. Other people's opinions do not affect or matter to him.

He is facing the opposite direction than everyone else while twisting his upper body. This indicates that he will always follow the beat of his own drum and he likes things to be his way.

Wood and German focused in on Trump's position with Prime Minister Theresa May, with whom he is meeting in a much decried state visit to the UK happening today.

"To me, it's just interesting that he's not close to her" Wood remarks, "And we don't know who placed him in that position, but he's far away from her."

Speaking of Theresa May, German believes that:

The body language of Theresa May is very uptight and reserved. She is holding on to her hands with her right hand slightly squeezing the left four fingers which indicates she is reserved, guarded and not quite certain of her comfort level among the other leaders.

Like a teenager obsessing over the number of 'x's' at the end of a message from their crush, it is possible that too much is being read into when it comes to this picture.

Whatever the case may be, the picture was certainly striking enough for many to think more was going on.

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