On Monday, Donald Trump held his first campaign rally since he tested positive for coronavirus, when he spoke to supporters in Sanford, Florida.

The event was notable for not making face masks mandatory for those attending and there being little to no evidence of social distancing measures being in place.

He also offered to kiss everybody in attendance and even danced to a song by The Village People... However, one of the most telling moments from Trump's outing to the key battleground state was before the rally had even started.

New York Times photographer Doug Mills snapped Trump just moments before he made his way on to Air Force One. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this until you look a bit closer and realise that Trump is the only person in the picture that is not wearing a mask, despite having Covid-19 as recently as last week.

On top of that, he seems more interested in shielding himself from the rain with his umbrella. Meanwhile, nobody else in the shot seems too concerned about the weather.

As usual, a picture like this attracted a lot of criticism for the president for his shameless selfishness in the face of the dangers of Covid-19.

There has been no official confirmation from the White House as to whether or not Trump still has Covid-19 but Dr Sean Conley has said that the POTUS is "no longer a transmission risk to others."

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