Trump tweet from 2014 calling North Korea 'the last place on Earth I want to go' resurfaces

Greg Evans
Tuesday 02 July 2019 15:00

More often than not there is Donald Trump tweet from years past that always comes back to haunt him, but few would have thought there would be a tweet about not wanting to go to North Korea.

However, a tweet from 2014 where he lambasts former basketball star Dennis Rodman, a friend of Kim Jong-un, and says that North Korea would be the last place on Earth that he would wish to visit, has resurfaced.

He also added just minutes later, on 8 May 2014, that Rodman was drunk or on drugs when he made that claim and that he glad that he fired him from The Apprentice.

Given that Donald Trump has now gone to North Korea, seen the sights and shook hands with Kim, this tweet has taken on a whole new life and people are sharing it again.

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