Trump tries to mock Obama for not having a crowd at a speech that didn't even happen

Trump tries to mock Obama for not having a crowd at a speech that didn't even happen

Donald Trump has attempted to mock Barack Obama for a low turnout at a speech the former president never held.

Trump has been on the campaign trail for seemingly weeks now and has apparently gotten a bit confused as to what is happening outside of his bubble.

Speaking to supporters in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, the president talked about a rally that Obama had held that day and mocked the small crowd size he attracted.

Did you see the crowd that President Obama had today? Nobody, nobody showed up.

I thought they’d have a little crowd. Didn’t quite have a crowd like this. No, nobody showed up.

Trump continued and appeared to dismiss any threat that might be posed to his re-election chances by Obama campaigning for Joe Biden.

They said, 'He’s going to start campaigning.' I said, Who? 'Barack Hussein Obama.' I said, 'Oh, I said, is that good or bad?' Because, he campaigned harder than Hillary the last time. How did that work out? It didn’t work out. But, he went to a few locations. He’s averaging about 25 people. He’s averaging very little.

The biggest problem here is that Obama didn't hold a rally or deliver a speech on Monday.

The last time Obama spoke publicly about the election was on Saturday, where he quite clearly did attract a crowd as you could hear them all blaring their car horns.

Regardless, Trump bizarre attempt to criticise Obama has seen him ridiculed for his latest baseless claim.

Trump is right when he says that Obama campaigning for Clinton in 2016 but she did still overwhelmingly win the popular vote. The polls are still against Trump, as they were four years ago, with key swing states appearing to be leaning towards Joe Biden.

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