On Monday America remembered the men and women who died serving their country, with Memorial Day which the president also acknowledged with a series of tweets.

With almost no words or sentiment, Trump shared a video made by the Arlington National Cemetery on Monday.

He then later followed this up with an image of him visiting a Memorial Day service and a video from the White House of him and Melania visiting Arlington.

Trump, who is on his way back from a trip to Japan did meet with US troops stationed aboard an American assault ship docked in the Asian country, but despite his efforts he was soon accused by critics of not giving enough acknowledgment towards the people that fought so bravely for the US.

Not only was the president criticised for his shallow efforts but he was also reminded of the bone spurs, a medical condition that went in some way towards preventing him from serving in the US military during the Vietnam War.

Comparatively, Trump's predecessor Barack Obama shared a far more sombre Memorial Day, expressing a message of reflection and honouring the fallen, which people thanked him for.

HT Daily Dot

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