In these unprecedented times, it appears that anything can happen and that includes Donald Trump falling out so badly with Piers Morgan that he would unfollow him on Twitter.

Morgan has become an unlikely hero during the coronavirus pandemic, vocally criticising politicians response to the crisis and the lack of protection for health care workers dealing with infected patients.

The British journalist and broadcaster, who had known Trump personally for many years following his appearance on The Apprentice, lashed out at the president following his claims about disinfectants being a possible cure for coronavirus, calling the statements 'bats**t crazy.'

Morgan even penned an article for the Daily Mail criticising the president, which he now believes is the reason why Trump decided to unfollow him on Twitter.

One person who has also had a close relationship with Trump that ended on a sour note was Anthony Scaramucci who was the White House director of communications for all of ten days in July 2017, over an alleged feud with Trump's former chief of staff, John F. Kelly who believed that Scaramucci did not have any 'credibility'.

Scaramucci has since become a vocal critic and opponent of Trump and as you can imagine, he couldn't pass up this opportunity to console Morgan and told him that his life would now be 'way better' now that the president wasn't following him on social media.

Others weren't as sympathetic to Morgan. Gary Lineker, who has something of a friendly rivalry with Morgan, basically tweeted a poem, telling Morgan that he would be a 'better man' without Trump.

LBC Radio presenter congratulated Morgan for this achievement and seemed to imply that he should go in harder on the president.

It remains to be seen if Trump will resolve his issues with Morgan but at the moment, it appears that the Good Morning Britain host will be on the right side of history.

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