Getty and Bill Neely/Twitter

Donald Trump arrived to the UK on Monday and was met with activists protesting his presence – and it seems Larry the cat has joined the resistance.

NBC News chief global correspondent Bill Neely captured the moment Downing Street’s favourite cat parked himself under Donald Trump’s limo, 'The Beast', and refused to move.

The cheeky feline appeared to be quite happy to hold-up the limo as he calmly sat behind one giant wheel, and people are absolutely here for it.

"Larry 4 PM."

"True voice of the people."

Some people were worried about Larry's safety underneath 'The Beast'.

Most though, people loved Larry's statement of resistance.

Bigly protest.

Larry even tried to jump inside the beast, according to Sky News' Kay Burley.

Burley said: “I’m just noticing with some photographers how Larry the Cat is trying to get in 'The Beast'.

That can only ever end badly. He’s sheltering underneath 'The Beast' now from the rain.

That’s one armour-plated vehicle.

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