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Activists and MPs are preparing for Tuesday, when they will be protesting Donald Trump’s UK visit, to coincide with meetings at Downing Street.

And comedian Frankie Boyle wants you to join in.

The UK visit has drawn impassioned responses from both Trump critics, like London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who drew the US president’s gaze after he penned a scathing op-ed about him, and Trump supporters, such as Boris Johnson, who Trump thinks should be prime minister.

There’s a lot to unpack in the visit, and Frankie Boyle wants to keep his message simple: attend the protest, because it’s the right thing to do.

“There’s a big protest on Tuesday against Donald Trump and his visit,” he began. “Donald Trump has just told us that we should have Boris Johnson as our next leader. A guy who still got scars behind his ears from when they removed the straps from his early years as a novelty rucksack.”

And it’s easy to have a go at Trump – I mean it’s really easy actually to say that he’s got the vocabulary of an upturned calculator, or he looks like someone drew a face on a plum and then lost it for a month or whatever.

But you’ve got to remember that the victims of Trump are some of the most marginalised people in his society.

Their families getting split up at the border, children getting taken away from their parents at the border, victims of his racist rhetoric in general or people across the world.

People in Palestine will suffer because of him, people in Iran are probably gonna suffer because of him.

The protest on Tuesday is one chance that we get to show those people that someone gives a s**t.

Good luck!

Owen Jones is one of many people who loved the message.

Others are saying they are on the way to London for the protest...

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