Trump's bizarre rant about toilets and dishwashers might be his strangest moment yet

Donald Trump has a history of going on bizarre rants about all kinds of stuff but he arguably reached his apex on Tuesday evening.

At a rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which was taking place at the same time as the Democratic debate, the president spoke at length about household appliances such as toilets, dishwaters and lightbulbs.

With his adoring supporters cheering him on, Trump talked about his administrations plans to block a requirement on all Americans to use energy-efficient light bulbs, which he believes gives him an orange hue.

Somebody said, ‘Oh, sir, don’t mention the lightbulb. The new lightbulb costs five times as much, and it makes you look orange. And I was more interested in the orange than I was in the cost.

Donald, we think it might be something else that is making you look orange.

Then there came a very odd rant about dishwashers and how he plans to introduce a new type of dishwasher which will prevent people from washing their plates '10 times.'

I'm also approving new dishwashers that give you more water so you can actually wash your dishes without having to do it 10 times or five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Staring by naming your highest number then reading out all of the previous numbers is certainly a new way of counting and were not sure it's going to catch on but you really have to admire Trump's enthusiasm in that clip.

After he was done with dishwashers he moved onto sinks, toilets and showers which he claimed didn't have any water. Referencing his upcoming State of the Union speech he said:

You cannot make a brilliant speech if I'm talking about dishwashers, sinks, toilets, lightbulbs but sinks, toilets, showers, you don't get any water. 

They put restrictors on and now they have made them permanent. People used to take them out. 

Try to go and buy a new faucet. You turn it on. No water comes out. We won't talk about toilets, we don't talk about that (makes flushing motion with his hand).

But how about the shower? I have this beautiful head of hair. I need a lot of work. 

You go into the shower...drip, drip, drip. I call the guy and ask 'is there something wrong with this?' He says 'no sir, it's just a restrictor.'

So you are in there five times longer than you are supposed to be, you use far more water and it is a very unpleasant experience. 

Wow! Trump's showers sound like a traumatic event.

It should be noted that while Trump was talking about showers and toilets the Democrats were debating important topics like national security.

Predictably, people were utterly baffled by his nonsensical rant.

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