Republican group release advert asking Congress to protect the US following Trump's recent comments

Republican group release advert asking Congress to protect the US following Trump's recent comments

We all know that Donald Trump can be a little testing at times but surely it's only Democrats and members of the so-called 'resistance' that are reaching the end of their tether with the POTUS?

Apparently not as members of Trump's own party, the Republicans are now urging Congress to move against the president following his recent comments to ABC News which would suggest that he is failing to uphold the US constitution.

The advert which has been made by a group known as Republicans for the Rule of Law, was shared by the director Bill Kristol.

In the 30-second clip they urge Congress and house speaker to protect their elections, something which the president doesn't seem interested in.

The video has already received more than 150,000 views on Twitter and has won praise for attempting to stand up to the president's hypocrisy.

However, whilst it is clear what the video is suggesting the only thing it specifically demands is to 'protect our elections.'

In a statement that the group released earlier this week, they called upon the government to protect the United States.

President Trump's complete disregard for American election security, as illustrated in his comments last night during an interview with ABC News, should shock every American.

The first duty of the government is to keep the people safe from foreign threats. This duty lies most heavily on the president, who oversees the defense of American national security.

Republicans for the Rule of Law has released a video reminding Americans and Congress that our leaders' first duty is to protect the country.

If the president shirks his responsibility with one eye on his personal gain, Congress needs to use its full powers - investigate and legislative - to protect the country.

It has not been confirmed where the advert will be broadcast but some previous campaigns from the group have been aired of Fox News, Trump's network of choice.

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