Trump criticises Republicans for stealing a Reagan campaign slogan despite him having already done the same

Donald Trump has lashed out a group of conservatives who have launched an anti-Trump ad campaign which borrows a slogan from President Ronald Regan, which is exactly what Trump has already done.

The ad campaign launched by "The Lincoln Project", a group featuring George Conway (the husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway), uses a play-on-words inspired by Regan's 1984 campaign slogan "Morning in America" with the ad changing it to "Mourning in America".

Trump is furious about this and lambasted the group on Twitter calling them "RINO Republicans", which stands for Republicans In Name Only, and moaned at them for stealing Regan's slogan in a furious Twitter rant in which he called Conway a "deranged loser" and "Moonface".

The problem here is that Trump is criticising a group of people for something that even he is guilty of.

You see, Trump's almost infamous slogan "Make America Great Again" isn't even his own creation. It is also a campaign slogan used by Regan, whose 1980 campaign used the phrase "Let's Make America Great Again" as he swept to victory in that election. Trump's dropping of the word "let's" for his slogan is arguably the most innovative thing he has ever done.

Those who are knowledgable on US elections have been more than happy to remind him that it is fairly rich of him to make this critique when he is just as guilty.

With the 2020 US election still set to go ahead in November, Trump's current slogan is "Keep America Great" which is about as inspiring as filling out a tax return.

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