Donald Trump and public speaking is the gift that keeps on giving and we are pleased to say that he has delivered the goods again.

During a trip to Ohio, the president gave not one but two public speeches. The first wasn't so eventful but did see him tell a small crowd on a runway in Cleveland that Joe Biden is "against God."

The president then moved on to Clyde, where he was speaking at a Whirlpool washing machine manufacturing plant as part of an official White House event. As always with Trump, you can't bank on him remaining impartial and he turned something that shouldn't have been political into an unofficial campaign rally.

Trump kicked things off by praising Whirlpool but it didn't take long for him to launch into an attack on the Obama administration, which he claimed did nothing to protect American workers and allowed foreign appliances into the United States, costing people their jobs.

For eight years, Whirlpool begged the Obama-Biden administration, who did nothing, to protect American workers from the flagrant dumping of foreign washers, dryers into America.  But your cries for help fell on deaf ears.  You didn’t see any action.  They didn’t act.  They didn’t care, and they never will.

For eight long years under Obama-Biden administration, American factory workers received nothing but broken promises and brazen sellouts and lost jobs. 

He then called Obama and Biden a 'joke' and said that they were happy to let China win.

Then came probably the moment that this speech will be most remembered for when the POTUS managed to mispronounced the relatively easy to say 'Thailand' as 'Thighland.'

We shudder to think about what was going through the president's head at this moment.

Trump praised Whirlpool for a little bit longer before he began ranting about 'globalisation' and 'globalists' which he doesn't seem to be a big fan of.

Trump then began talking about the US Embassy in Jerusalem, which he did move from Tel Aviv in 2018, but that didn't make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, like he said, as it already had been for thousands of years.

Many politicians before me promised change on the campaign trail, only to back down in the face of corporate and international pressure.  Like Jerusalem.  They all promised Jerusalem — didn’t they? — for years and years.  I did it; they didn’t do it.  They didn’t do it.  I did it.  

Moved the embassy to Jerusalem, making Jerusalem the capital of Israel.  They all talked about it.  They talked and talked and talked, and then they got into office, and they didn’t do it.

He then made some more campaign pledges to keep jobs in America before again targetting China for the coronavirus outbreak, which he still continues to give a variety of names.

First and foremost, we will defeat the China virus. We’re working very, very hard. We call it the 'China virus.' We call it the 'invisible enemy.' We call it many different names. It’s got many different names, but it’s bad. And we’ve made tremendous strides.

Continuing to talk about coronavirus, Trump praised the number of ventilators that are now being built in the United States before confusingly saying "everybody in our country has it."

Trump then moved on to talk about pharmaceuticals and drug prices, which he used as another chance to mock Biden, which seemed to get a big reaction from the audience.

Trump seemed to be wrapping up before he appeared to get a second wind and began rambling about water and washing his hair.

Trump also complained about eco-friendly lightbulbs which he called 'hazardous waste' and also complained about the way that they made him look.

So I put the old bulb back in. And you can use the new one; you can use anything. I guess it’s competition. 

But I particularly like it because I don’t look so orange, so it’s very nice. Very nice. I don’t want to look — I don’t like that look. Never liked it.

The president moved back to mocking Joe Biden but his attempt to mock his opponent backfired after completely fluffed his joke which was preceeded by a jumble of words which made no sense at all.

And, by the way, as I was leaving for the great state of Ohio — did you ever watch Biden, where he’s always saying the wrong state?  'It’s great to be in Florida.  Florida.' 'No, it’s Ohio.'  I’ve never seen a guy — I haven’t done that one yet; that’s a disaster.  I always say — Jim Jordan — if you do that, it’s over, right?  You can be Winston Churchill.  The speeches is over; you just walk off the stage.

But he does it all the time.  Nobody calls him for it.  'I love the state of Iowa.'  'Sir, sir, it’s Idaho.  It’s Idaho.'  And the worst is when he’s in, like, Indiana, and he says, 'It’s great to be with the people of Florida,' and you have palm trees all over the place.  But he does it all the time.  There’s something going on.

He then lamented deals that the US has with Germany, South Korea and China before attempting to criticise the Democrats for implementing policies that will tackle the climate crisis and claimed that congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows as much about the environment as a small child.

Before wrapping up, Trump moaned about not being able to use stronger force on the Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis before claiming that the Democrats are going to end the second amendment.

Minneapolis was a disaster.  After five or six days, they were going to lose that whole city. We sent in the National Guard. They took care of things in about one hour. Remember the scene of them walking down the street, firing the tear gas? Now you’re not even allowed — if you’re looking at the other side, you’re not allowed to use tear gas or pepper spray. You can’t use any of that stuff. They can use Molotov cocktails and horrible things on you, but you’re not allowed to do anything.

So the police didn’t want to have anything to do with the convention in a great state, Wisconsin — Milwaukee — for the Democrats. You couldn’t use tear gas. You couldn’t use pepper spray. You couldn’t use anything. Think of how ridiculous this is. And you won’t be able to use your guns because they’re going to end your Second Amendment, as sure as you’re sitting there. But the proud people of Ohio will not let that happen. Together, we will preserve, protect, and defend our American way of life.

Trump ended things by finally allowing some representatives of Whirlpool to speak but to be honest, everybody had probably checked out by that point anyway.

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