Trump 'short circuits' while trying to read basic words during erratic speech

Trump 'short circuits' while trying to read basic words during erratic speech

Trump's attempt to take a hard line against Black Lives Matter protesters has been somewhat hampered by his inability to read basic words from an autocue.

Speaking at a Turning Point Action conference in Arizona, Trump spoke of the "spirit that drove America's frownders" and struggled to pronounce the word 'deployed'.

Trump isn't exactly known for his eloquence, but this is something else.

Trump addressed students at the rally in Phoenix, Arizona, in an attempt to kick off his re-election campaign to a better start than his embarrassing Tulsa stadium rally.

He embarked on a bizarre rant about the left demanding "absolute conformity" from every private citizen.

Trump also tried to claim that the US military is developing a "hydrosonic missile".

(Perhaps he meant hypersonic? Or ultrasonic? 'Hydrosonic' is a term used to sell toothbrushes.)

As Trump embarks on a tour of speaking events ahead of the November presidential election we're apparently no closer to hearing a speech with any form of verbal clarity.

Given that he recently claimed his US-Mexico border wall stopped the spread of coronavirus, we're no closer to an entirely truthful one, either.

Trump appeared exhausted and extremely sweaty during his Turning Point speech, frequently losing track of what he was saying and going off on seemingly random tangents.

He attempted to paint the Black Lives Matter protesters as "spoiled, rich people" and pushed conspiracy theories about mail-in ballots being evidence of election fraud.

It's obvious he wants US voters to focus on his border wall and response to BLM protesters and away from his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

But even he struggles to keep on track when talking about the issues he's hinging his campaign on.

It's going to be a long five months...

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