No, Trump didn't tweet that the president should be impeached if the stock market crashed so please stop sharing it

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Trading in US shares have today plummeted to the lowest levels since the 2008 financial crisis, as three major stock indexes fell by six per cent.

The event, which has already been dubbed 'Black Monday' by some, emanates from a disagreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia over oil prices that rocked markets already struggling to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Just to give you a visual representation of quite how bad this is, this is what the stock market looked like at opening bell on Wall Street.

Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 1,300 points which has led people to reshare an 'old' Trump tweet supposedly from 2012, where he complained if the Dow ever fell below 1000 points in a day 'the president should be impeached immediately.'

In light of today's news, pictures of this tweet have been popping up on all over Twitter, with people trying to embarrass the president.

Notice that we said picture and not retweet? That's because there's nothing to retweet as this tweet isn't real. Trump never posted this.

According to an investigation by Snopesin October 2018, there was no substantial evidence to show that Trump had ever shared such a tweet, although he could have posted it and then deleted it but deleting tweets is uncommon behaviour for Trump.

Furthermore, a similar tweet where he supposedly declared that the 'president should be loaded into a cannon and shot into the Sun' if the Dow fell below 1000 points is also said to be fake.

So, although it is often fun to share old Trump tweets that contradict something that has just happened, think before you share this one.

You really wouldn't want to become part of the 'fake news' agenda that Trump is always banging on about.

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