Trump supporter filmed claiming the president is ‘racist against lazy people’

Trump supporter filmed claiming the president is ‘racist against lazy people’

A Trump supporter has claimed the president is ‘racist against lazy people’.

On CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, reporter Elle Reeve spent the day with “locally rich” Trump supporters at a dune buggy rally in Oregon.

Reeve explained how events, mainly populated by “white voters who have high incomes for their area”, have been popping up all over the country.

The supporters at the unofficial event had some controversial things to say.

One Trump supporter said:

He really is for your hard-working people. Do I think he’s racist? No. I think he’s racist against lazy people.

Another supporter told Reeve: “He can be crass. But we didn’t hire him as a president, we hired him as a business person and that’s what our country needed because our country was starting to tank.”

Eric Nelson, a keen Trump supporter, explained his support for the president. He said:

The reason we’re here to support Trump is that we believe that Trump will help us keep the money that we make and let us be able to work as hard as we want and not give our money away.

Nelson, who was sitting in a dune buggy, later continued: “I had to work through college so I could get my job and do what I enjoy which is an activity like this and spend $15- 20,000 on toys because I choose to.”

Back in the studio, Reeve explained the appeal of Trump to these supporters.

She told Chris Cuomo: “I think they see part of their identity as being businessmen, as being successful, as being the product of hard work and the power of their own determination.”

Reeve then explained that these supporters think Trump will protect that for them.

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