Bizarre footage shows Trump supporters fighting over MAGA hats as the Titanic theme music plays

People couldn't help but laugh at the irony of a that video showed mostly un-masked Trump supporters jumping all over each other... to the literal theme song of the Titanic sinking.

The Recount posted a clip of an Trump campaign rally in Arizona on Monday that showed people in very close quarters trying to grab MAGA hats being tossed into the audience, as “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion played ominously over the loudspeakers.

Twitter users were quick to respond, commenting on the video with photos of the sinking Titanic and a red baseball cap with the words “I went to a Trump rally and all I got was Covid-19”.

“Self-fulfilling prophecy much?” One user tweeted. “Whoever is in charge of music for those rallies has a savage sense of humor,” another wrote.

This comes after Trump has continually downplayed the pandemic and refused to wear a mask, despite catching the disease himself only a few weeks ago.

Due to Trump's spreading conspiracy theories about coronavirus, as well as openly ridiculing Dr Anthony Fauci and his guidance, generally acting in a safe way during the global pandemic has unfortunately become a partisan political issue in the US. As such, cases continue to climb across America, especially in Arizona.

Before the rallies in Arizona – a swing state – the mayor of Tucson wrote to the Trump campaign begging them to respect measures put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus.

(Mayor Regina romero also asked for the payment of $80,000 in fees still not paid from his previous visit to the city in 2016).

Romero also said she was concerned that Trump’s rally could be “a super-spreader event.” Looks like this video shows she may have been right.

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