Trump supporters were asked if they believed in 'core American values' and the results are terrifying

Picture: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube
Picture: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube

Donald Trump has announced he wants immigrants to the US to pass a litmus test to see if they believe in 'core American values'. The Daily Show interviewed Trump supporters to see if they lived up to the standards their chief was setting for potential Americans.

The responses were terrifying.

Donald Trump has been using the term 'extreme vetting' like he's trying to beat 'enhanced interrogation' to the prize of most Orwellian yet totally real government terminology. In a speech in Ohio Trump stated he wanted prospective Americans to be vetted by their views. Trump said:

We should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people...I call it 'extreme vetting'...[of people with] extreme views about religion such as...oppression of women, gays, non-believers.

Daily Show reporter Jordan Klepper interviewed Trump supporters at a rally in Wisconsin to see if they would pass such a vetting process. Unsurprisingly, many of those he interviewed fell short of this yard stick.

One supporter, on the topic of a woman becoming President of the United States:

A female has more hormones, she could start a war in ten seconds. If she has hot flashed, whatever, boom.

Klepper responded:

Haven't all wars been started by men?

With another supporter Klepper discussed tolerance of a person's sexuality.


Fill in the blank for me. Two men getting married is..

Trump supporter:



Actually the answer is 'legal in the United States'.

Trump supporter:

It's legal, but I don't like it.

And with another supporter, Klepper discussed gender inequality:

These extreme nations, they don't treat women with respect.


We treat women with respect here [the US]

Trump supporter:

Yes we do.

Klepper then asked the (thoughtful enough to be kind of bashful) man to read the message on his own shirt, which reads:

Hillary sucks but not like Monica.

The back of it reads:

Trump that bitch.

See the full video for more unbelievable hypocrisy and double-think.

Video: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube
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