A Black Lives Matter mural is being painted outside Trump Tower in New York and people can't wait for him to see it

While Trump has a totally reasonable presidential Twitter meltdown about the Supreme Court ruling on his tax returns, the people of New York are putting their time to better use.

Over on 5th Avenue, a huge yellow mural proudly stating that Black Lives Matter will soon grace the ground the president will have to walk on to get into his beloved Trump Tower.

With traffic blocked off, giant rollers are being used to fill in the letters, as dozens gather to make this happen.

Plenty of people both involved and passing by have been documenting this across social media. Specifically, they're really really keen to see what happens when Trump finds out.

Last week, the president heard about plans for the mural, and angrily ranted on Twitter, saying it would be "denigrating this luxury avenue" and "antagonise New York's Finest" (presumably the police?).

He also referred to the slogan as a "symbol of hate" and said he hoped the police wouldn't let it "be affixed to New York's greatest street", which many interpreted as a worrying dogwhistle for people (police or otherwise) to reject instructions and intervene.

Of course, there is nothing "hateful" about a rallying cry to end institutional racism which literally costs lives.

At the time, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio recognised this, tweeting an absolute mic drop in response:

Will Trump have taken his crucial point on board?

Let's hope so.

Black Lives Matter murals have been painted across the country in recent months, including outside the White House. It seems beyond fitting that one should stand front and centre in front of the building Trump holds the most dear.

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