Donald Trump is often referred to as a “reality TV president”.

Perhaps this is why he lends himself so well to memes.

Trump might not be such a fan of the latest clip of him to ascend to meme status though.

It’s a video of the president arriving back at the White House after a hugely disappointing turnout at what was supposed to be his comeback rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In the clip, a dishevelled looking Trump exits his helicopter, looking downcast.

He’s clutching a Make America Great Again cap and his tie is undone.

The internet quickly decided that the footage needed a soundtrack to go with it.

The impetus came from director Edgar Wright, who got the ball rolling with a request for one of his followers to overdub the clip with the melancholy title music from The Incredible Hulk.

Someone quickly acquiesced.

Which set the ball rolling for more contributions.

There was Trump vs Charlie Brown.

Hail to the Chief but set in a minor key.

An ode to being lonely.

Even some Rolling Stones.

Basically, anything with strings seemed to work.

Cheer up Donald, at least your approval ratings ar–


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