We all know that for some bizarre reason Donald Trump has a problem with forest safety so it won't come as a surprise that the president is complaining about this again.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday afternoon, Trump said he was suspending payments to Californian forest management unless they got their "act together."

This came after the Woolsey fire in southern California, which was one of the most lethal wildfires that the United States had ever seen.

Whilst the message that Trump is sending here is certainly controversial there was a more amusing story at play. Although the above tweet is spelt correctly, the original tweet contained two glaring typos from the POTUS.

Rather than writing 'forest' Trump managed to write 'forrest' twice and Twitter had a field day with this since-deleted tweet.

#ForrestTrump was soon trending, an obvious reference to the 1994 film Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks.

It should be pointed out that there is one major difference between Trump and Gump.

Some were hoping that Tom Hanks could help with the situation.

The dictionary, as always, waded into to throw shade on the president.

Whilst the 'forrest' jokes have dominated the discourse, let's not overlook the important issue here.

HT Mashable

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