President Donald Trump has shared an independently produced video commending his presidential record that features a logo linked to an antisemitic and white nationalist site.

The red, white, and blue image of a lion surrounded by stars representing 'original colonies' that voted for Trump in the GOP primaries, has previously been used by the group VDare, an anti-immigration hate group.

Earlier this week VDare were amongst a list of popular YouTube channels that were removed due to their links with white nationalism and hate speech following a report published by the Anti-Defamation League that named several white nationalist channels operating on the Google owned video platform. VDare has since had their suspension lifted by YouTube and at the time of writing are operating as normal.

In a statement regarding Trump's tweet the Justice Deparment told the Huffington Post:

The Department of Justice condemns anti-semitism and white nationalism in the strongest terms.

The lion logo was also shared by a Dutch white supremacist whose account was suspended afterwards, reports the Huffington Post.

When Trump tweeted the logo, he shared the words:

Thank you for the support as we MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Speaking to Mediate the Trump campaign said that the president:

shared an independently-produced video that highlighted the strengths of the economy his policies have created.

Any conspiracy connected to white supremacy exists only in the fevered minds of reporters who will believe anything negative about the president.

Other social media users however were less than impressed by the president's tweet, and white supremacy links aside, were taken aback by one part in particular.

According to Mediaite, the video was originally created by Twitter user @som3thingwicked who reportedly found the logo through Google when searching 'Trump logo png'.

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