This is where you can still read Trump’s tweets now his account has been deleted
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Trump was permanently banned from Twitter on 8th January. A database of more than 34,000 statements made during his presidency was suddenly wiped clean.

There are lots of reasons why a person might want to recover some of Trump’s tweets. To research and write about his legacy, for instance – or to relive the bizarre war he waged against Coca-Cola.

It would be a shame if it was no longer possible to evidence some of his more insidious statements, like his false claims about the Covid-19 pandemic or his baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud after the presidential election. The loss of all of his tweets would also sadly spell the end of the prolific ‘there’s always a tweet’ meme.

But luckily, there are several ways to access old Trump tweets.

This searchable archive is a good place to start.

More than 56,000 tweets posted to @realDonaldTrump from 2009 onwards are accessible at website at the time of writing.

You can also find an archive of deleted Trump here, courtesy of ProPublica. Others have been deemed presidential records and preserved

Beyond that, plenty of Trump’s most notable tweets have been screenshotted and shared by news organisations and social media users throughout the years.

So while one of Twitter’s biggest, most active and most influential accounts might have bitten the dust, its legacy will no doubt linger on.

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